Course curriculum

Month by Month Guide to Raising Chickens

    1. The Benefits of Raising Chickens

    2. The Dusty, Smelly Truth

    3. Glossary

    4. Chicken Checklist

    1. How to Find Baby Chicks

    2. What Breeds Are Right for Me?

    3. Chicken Breed Selection Worksheet

    1. Supplies Needed 0-2 Months

    2. #1: A Safe Place to Live

    3. #2: Food and Water

    4. #3: Heat Source

    1. Cleaning the Brooder

    2. Pasty Butt

    3. What to do When Chicks Outgrow the Brooder

    4. Enrichment for Baby Chicks

    5. Socialization

    1. Coop Location

    2. Build or Purchase? Option 1: Build

    3. Build or Purchase? Option 2: Purchase

    4. Supplies Needed 2-6 months

    5. Automating Food and Water

    6. Roosts

    7. Predator-proofing

    8. Nesting Boxes

    9. To Heat or not to Heat the coop?

    10. Enrichment

    11. Coop Decor

    1. Outdoor Temperature

    2. Integrating Pullets with the Big Girls

About this course

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Rebecca Beauchemin

Owner and Lead Instructor, The School On Hitching Post Lane

As a long time chicken keeper my goal is to help my students understand how easy and rewarding it is to keep backyard chickens.
  • It's Easy!

    Learn how to automate your coop chores so keeping chickens doesn't feel burdensome.

  • It's Fun!

    Chickens are a source of backyard entertainment! They have personalities and will delight you with their antics!

  • It's Rewarding!

    Once you taste fresh eggs you will never eat store-bought again!

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